Why I Love Play Game

Why I Love Play  Game? Though it’s just games.



Have you ever grumbled when playing GTA  because it is difficult to win? Or you’ve slammed the joystick since losing at the same enemies over and over again? If your answer is never, then it can be said you are very happy to play the game.People who are not too happy to play the game just to play the game when there is no rush and just consider the game as a repellent bored, while those who love to play games, considers playing games is a requirement or obligation for various reasons.

I my self love to play a game for various reason :

1. In the game players can do the impossible though not real.
Example: In the game, players can manage a football team, live the life of a criminal, or be a wild driver and have a lot of cars although not real.

2. To pitted expertise with other players.
Example: The online gamers do not hesitate – reluctant to spend time and money so that the character of the game to compete with other game characters

3. Want to know the story until the end (usually RPG)

4. Want to see the techniques or moves – moves that possessed the strongest characters in the game.

5. Want to unlock the secrets contained in the game.
Example: Character secrets, confidential level, secret weapons, and others – others.

6. And others – others.

So, for some reason – a reason why I love playing games. Game is referred to in this article is a video game. Why I can write this article? Because I am also very happy to play a game. We are sorry if there is a shortage. If anyone wants to add comments, feel free :)

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