Mobile games RPG (role playing game) made by developers Ujoy entitled Storia Merc finally entered the stage of CBT (closed beta test) for mobile devices as Southeast Asia. In other words, you already can immediately enjoy the game Sakura country is on Android devices.

Merc Storia is an RPG game that has a pet breeding-style gameplay in which you play a character with the power to `menyembuhkan` evil monsters to be able to get back into a good pet and gentle.

With this ability, the character can create a world where humans and monsters will be able to coexist with one another.

Merc Storia also developed by developer Happy Elements, making the display appear gameplay of this game with anime-style animation.

In addition, this game brings action defense line that will each battle will be divided into three to four waves. Your main character will be more passive and party members that you have previously recruited will be in action against the monsters.


At the time of the battle took place, not much you can do besides distributing owned SP points to increase the level of morale and restore the lives of the characters.

Furthermore, this game will also provide a challenge in the weekly event with a prize of gold coins that can be used to increase the level of the character and also presents a creation features Guild, as well as presenting Friend Companion features complement the social aspect.

Through Companion Friend feature, you can `meminjam` friend’s character to help deal with the fight.

Interested in playing a RPG game is thick with the feel of this anime? You can directly download the Merc Storia from his official page .

However, keep in mind, because the game is still in the stage of CBT, so the only available temporarily for Android devices. Once the game has entered the stage OBT (open beta test) in June 2015, the other device will certainly miss this game.