This time, we will review mobile games made by Bethesda Softworks that had rocked the realm of mobile gaming within two months. Yes, this game is none other than the series spin-off of Fallout saga which has been legendary since 1997. – Fallout Shelter.

As you know, when Bethesda announced Fallout 4 will be launched on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One, the whole universe of video games, especially fans of the series Fallout cash rumble.

Obviously, a four-year hiatus released the latest series, Bethesda finally ventured to bring fresh air in the midst of crisis RPG (Role Playing Game) with the nuances of the post-apocalyptic genre should be able to meet the desired capacity at the time.

Apparently, not only Fallout 4 that will be announced will be present, but the spin-off series Fallout Shelter was officially slid into iOS devices and Android to follow within a few weeks later.

However, for those fans who want to play the game Fallout is both iOS and Android, Fallout Shelter is not a game genre RPG as was present in the previous Fallout series. This game would bring something different in the eyes of the fans of Fallout, namely by presenting `kemasan` survive life simulation, where residents Wasteland must work together so that they can prosper in the Vault (term shelter or sanctuary of the population).

For more, we will examine more deeply the Fallout Shelter. Let’s see what his review.

First played Fallout Shelter, we think that this game is a simple game with gorgeous cartoon graphics display and not made-up excessively. The simulation gameplay was actually easier when viewed from the point of view structurally.



However, it seems that this game is more than just a simulation game that heed the art of survival. Why is that?

In this game, you act as an overseer (controlling) a Vault. You must bring the dwellers (Wasteland origin population that will become inhabitants of Vault) into the Vault and employ them. That’s how you set up the mechanism of the dweller to survive by working.


Not only that, you also have to build a room-by-room with a varied range of functions. Vault here are in a cliff with a two-dimensional grid size when viewed at a glance away when inzoom out will be like `ant farm` (anthill).

After our reckoning, room built 1×3 dimension, with a 1×1 sized elevators. Well, this 1×3 room can be expanded to a size of 1×6 or 1×9. In other words, you can expand the room for three times just so that more dweller who can work in the room.

Keep in mind, to build the room of course there is a price to be paid. Yes, you have to pay `Caps` currency in accordance with the price is priced per room in order to build or expand the room in order to make Vault you more control. You can actually outsmart this by utilizing Lunchbox bonus or buy it directly in the In-App Purchases, the Lunchbox will be issued a card with a row of bonus costumes, weapons, and even Caps.

Here’s the room that you can wake up: Elevator, Living Quarters, Power Generator, Diner, Water Treatment, Storage Room, Medbay, Science Lab, Radio Studio, weight Room, Athletics Room, Armory, Classroom, Fitness Room, Lounge, Game Room, Nuclear reactor, Garden, Water Purification and NukaCola Bottler.

All rooms have a price and the respective requirements of how many Vault dwellers fill your order can only build the room.

Once you build a basic room, you should know that the basic mechanisms that keep your Vault terjaga` `stable is you need me to maintain third bar meter that will become your benchmark` hidup` in this game, of which there is power (electricity), water and food. Therefore, the dweller must be employed in order to generate the resources to fill the three bar meter Vault.

Keep in mind, of course, not dwellers who come in droves. At the same time, you will definitely experience a crisis in which you should need more dweller to work more in the room as you wake up.

Therefore, the unique points in this game is you can `mengawinkan` dweller you to give birth to a child. Later, the child will grow rapidly and become dweller adult who could be hired. The trick? a meeting of two of the opposite sex in the room dweller Living Quarters, and let them interact with themselves.



Broadly speaking, that is the velocity of your routine in this game. Build more rooms to the basic subsoil, collect dwellers, marry, build more rooms, train dwellers and so on.

You can send your dweller to Wasteland so that they can discover something new out there. Enough with tap and swipe you exit Vault dweller, then they will go away by itself and presenting regular updates were reported as what conditions they experienced out there. Later, they will collect unique items that can be used when you sent her home to the Vault.

Your Dweller could die if his health bar meter runs out. This can happen if you fight monsters dweller or raiders facing. To fix this, you can heal you with Stimpak dweller. You can replace your costume and weapon based abilities possessed.

Keep in mind, changing costumes and weapons will improve your dweller in work and against the enemy.

You have a skill Dweller abbreviated SPECIAL which is derived from the word Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck.

It is impossible for dweller has all skill levels SPECIAL high, but who can be sure one is definitely among the skills possessed by each dweller. Actually, you can outsmart this by conducting training to all dweller that all his skill increased.

For example, you can train in the Classroom, to increase skill Intelligence, or you can train the dweller in the Armory to hone skills Perception. This is where the excitement of this game starts, where you have to worry about a dweller hone his skills respectively. What if you have at least 70 dweller and must take care hone skills? Surely it would be busy.

Aside from all points of the complex about how you as an overseer should set the Vault you become more prosperous complete with dwellers and children pinaknya, we value that Fallout Shelter is a simulation game that is funny but still appeared full as a mobile game that brings the value of survival depends on the aspect of view players.

Moreover, this game has a unique look and smooth graphics that supposedly makes plus points for this game. Only, boredom could have hit the players in the future already built Vault in the final stage, where the Vault dwellers crammed full and you do not know what to do anymore.

However, when compared to real life, that’s the art of survival that is applied in the Fallout Shelter, when you are stuck with all the limitations that have been made, you must rack my brain again in order to find a new point where you keep me maintain the flow of your life to be better again for the future.