In FIFA 15, EA took the lives of the pe football and applied as closely as possible to the original. Starting from the club, the team, the players until the rating is based on the abilities of every player.

Well, this time we will present the fifth row of the best players in the game FIFA 15 by rating owned, Who are they and which player will be the best player? Check out his review below. And dont forget check this real working FIFA 15 coin generator to make your game easier .


1.Overall Ratting 88


The player who has the overall ratting 88 occupies the 5th position as the best footballer version of the game FIFA 15. Chelsea is a talented midfielder belong Eden Hazard.

Plays as a left midfielder, Belgian players have speed and dribbling skills are extraordinary. Youth 23 years has a value of 91 for dribbling, 89 for speed, and 82 for the accuracy of the kick.

The overall position of ratting same, Eden Hazard alongside Frank Ribery and Bastian Schweinsteiger.


2.Everywhere Ratting 89



In 4th place, inhabited by the brand-new Barcelona striker Luis Suarez. Yes, the former Liverpool pemian This is one of the top strikers in the world. Barcelona itself willingly poured funds amounting to 75 million Pounds to bring in Suarez from Anfield.

A very strong player with his left foot shot has value 87 for shooting. Other players who also have ratting parallel with Suarez is his own in Barca Andres Iniesta.


3.Overal Ratting 90



Ibrahimovic is really worthy entry in this list. Paris SaintGermain attacker is in the order of 3. Imagine, the tall Swedish is indeed quite sharp on the front lines. EA itself to apply the figure of Ibra to match the original.

High techniques ranging from body balance, heading, speed, acceleration, power kicking, until any technical skill equated. Of course you remember with some beautiful goal Ibra through heel flick is quite phenomenal. EA has to figure finisher best players in FIFA 15 this time.

Two more players who are on the side Ibra with overall ratting 90 is Manuel Neuer and Arjen Robben, who both played in the club from Germany Bayern Munich.


4.Overal Ratting 92



The position of the 2nd course you are not familiar with the figure of this one. Yes, the mega star of Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team in second place as the best player of FIFA 15 version of the game made by EA. The player nicknamed CR7 is equipped with overalls ratting 92.

No need to complain not even have to argue. Ronaldo is certain to be included in this section. Ronaldo received an award as the top player in the world last season.

EA Sports equip Ronaldo with the ability of the class ‘five-star’, ie speed 93, shooting 93, dribbling 91, and 81 passing.
5.Overal Ratting 93



Yes! You were able to guess that it is Lionel Messi, this is our winner!

Lionel Messi is ranked as the best player in the game FIFA 15 succumbing to Cristian Ronaldo. La Pulga one point ahead of CR7, namely the overall ratting 983, while Ronaldo 92.

EA makes it like the players bead Alien’, which is difficult to be pursued. Although slightly different, but still, this Barcelona star superior. The Argentina captain has a value dribbling 96, speed 93, shooting 89, and 86 passing.