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7 Best Product Roadmap Tools of 2021 (Free and Paid)

Best Product Roadmap Saas Tools


Wrike lets you fantasize and produce roadmaps in Kanban view, doubling as Kanban software, plus Gantt Chart visualizations. Like design operation tools similar to Trello and Asana, Wrike can acclimatize to any assistance and development platoon.

It also offers you uniting brigades spread across geographically distant locales. As a result, needed members from different brigades can pierce the task board at colorful times.

However, indeed, roadmaps associated with Wrike aren’t always as visually appealing and detailed as with product plans. Its other various features that are packed into a single interface may feel somewhat overwhelming at the start. 


Wrike’s world-class toolset lets you boost and enhance performance growth that can easily be customized for any particular team. 

  • Individual dashboards
  • Workflows
  • Collaboration tool

All three of them allow you and your product team to achieve your goal of a better product roadmap. 

2. Roadmap Planner

A product roadmap software that entirely focuses on planning and collaborating to help businesses from several disciplines. With help of this roadmap planner you can-

  • produce product brigades
  • Add several members
  • Assign each member task precisely
  • Create instant roadmaps

Other than all of the above features, you can also, what you may seem like a particular project, can indicate all processes necessary to these roadmaps. Plus to make navigation easier, it has multiple views similar to the Gantt view and Figure view. And not to forget the fact that by using its drag-and-drop interface, mapping out ideas and creating strategies has become so simple.


Roadmap Planner provides its customers with complete personal control and product roadmap tools. Thankfully, there’s more to it; it also lets you handle unlimited systems, delivers stunning donations, and much further. 

3. Hello Focus

Hello, Focus is a design operation and task prioritization tool that enables directors and brigades to get further systems done. It helps druggies concentrate on the most critical tasks and align with platoon members in a better way.

The app uses scientific ways to cut down on multitasking and has users concentrate more on their progress using professional road-mapping maps. You can produce visually stunning roadmaps using it to track all platoon members’ progress in real-time. 

It also helps keep all design-related stakeholders in the circle on particular tasks. Through this, it reduces time spent on gratuitous emails. You can also use the app as a simple to-do list for your particular tasks.


Hello, Focus is a complete design operation and road mapping software that lets you take care of multiple jobs, similar to task training and editing. You also get features for Gantt maps, Corner shadowing, and Critical Path analysis.

4. ProductPlan

ProductPlan is best suited for product and design operation professionals who prefer a visual layout of their systems. Using this roadmapping tool, directors can produce robust and visually seductive roadmaps with ease.

It also lets you produce and manage estimates related to colorful systems. The simple drag-and-drop stoner interface allows you to add color-enciphered particulars, produce connections between them, and incorporate suitable mileposts to add to your product vision. 

Each roadmap you produce can have multiple granularization situations, similar to high-position roadmaps for upper operation and more detailed performances for every member. You can also turn your roadmaps into big master plans.


ProductPlan is an entirely web-grounded product roadmap tool and has so numerous features that you might get a bit overwhelmed at first. It can also integrate with the most popular design operation tools similar to Jira and Asana.

5. Airfocus

This software focuses entirely on fast and easy roadmapping to flow rapid-fire product development. It can integrate with popular apps similar to Jira, Github, and Trello, which lets you produce professional roadmaps within a matter of twinkles.

Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to switch between several views similar to Kanban Board and Gantt Charts. 

Moreover, Airfocus software includes vittles for creating multidimensional maps that allow you to prioritize better. 

The software lets you produce and partake in roadmaps with unlimited observers. It offers you custom weighting and scoring of different ideas and point options, making the product development process better. 


The one point that sets Airfocus piecemeal from other roadmapping tools is its main Poker point by which stakeholders can prioritize all product strategy and then feature it collaboratively and interactively. 

6. Roadmunk

This particular product roadmap software lets you produce completely customizable roadmaps that suit any conditions you might have. Its three types of roadmap views are-

  • Timeline
  • Swimlane 
  • Master

The Timeline view is the conventional product roadmap, while the Swimlane view provides scrum and nimble brigades with a streamlined, Kanban Board donation. The Master view on the other hand to get a complete overview of the product’s features allows you to combine several roadmaps styles.  

The three customization situations allow different brigades to produce roadmaps, which directors can also combine for detailed assessment. By doing this the process of creating product and software development becomes more smooth. 


One of the amazingly different features of Roadmunk offers is the capability to produce multiple views of roadmaps and partake them with stakeholders. You can control the position of detail in the view and indeed distribute them for client feedback.

7. Aha

If you are also looking for software that allows you to do more than just roadmapping, then my friend Aha is the one for you. It’s used by over product brigades worldwide and is considered one of the top product roadmap tools.

Aha’s drag-and-drop point lets you produce roadmaps using up to six templates. It gives you the control to add features, enterprise, and pretensions to your roadmaps and also partake it as a PDF, image, or web link.

Aha also has a stoner story mapping tool with features for collecting client feedback and perceptivity. You can incorporate client feedback into stoner stories for the roadmap. In short, it’s got everything a product platoon might need for successful roadmapping.


Aha doesn’t stingy when it comes to features; this can frequently be inviting for beginners who are just starting with road mapping. It’s stylish to invest some time into understanding the ropes before you can get hands-on with this tool. 



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