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Cartcoders is Shopify Development Service Provider to optimize eCommerce websites for mobile devices using responsive themes. Also, the developers can enhance

According to the newest usage statistics posted on, “Shopify is employed by 1.5% of all the websites whose content management system we all know. This is 0.7% of all websites.” As a hosted eCommerce solution, Shopify enables both large and little enterprises to line up, run, and scale custom web stores within a brief amount of your time. An enterprise can use Shopify to form web stores for selling a wide range of products.

Also, the developers can easily customize the eCommerce website per the precise needs of a business by availing the themes, apps, and tools provided by the eCommerce builder. At the identical time, Shopify allows web store owners to sell their products through a variety of channels — web store, retail package, Facebook Shop, Facebook Messenger, Amazon, Buy Button, and Shopify POS. There also are a variety of reasons why many enterprises prefer Shopify to other eCommerce builders.

Why Many Enterprises Prefer Shopify to Other eCommerce Builders?

Bare Minimum Theme Design Options

The look and feel of an eCommerce website influence its user experience directly. Shopify makes it easier for users to boost and customize the planning and feel of their web stores employing a big selection of themes. The users can select themes supported a variety of criteria — minimalist style, grid-style layout, large inventories, small inventories, and large and exquisite imagery. The developers can easily customize the themes to create the net store look more appealing and deliver a richer customer experience.

A Variety of Apps

Each user has the choice to choose between an oversized number of free and paid apps from Shopify’s app store. These app stores help developers to create and run web stores without writing lengthy and complicated code. the companies can use specific apps to simplify inventory management, shipping, social media integration, and accounting/bookkeeping. Likewise, they’ll use marketing and sales apps to drive traffic to the online store, keep visitors engaged, and increase conversion rate. The reporting apps further help users to research sales, monitor customer behavior, and identify traffic sources without using third-party tools.

Roust Tools

Shopify further helps businesses to create their web stores interactive employing a style of tools. The users can avail specific tools to reinforce customer experience by adding 360-degree product views, videos, and smart search tools to the website. At the identical time, the online store administrators may avail specific tools to simplify tasks like data transfer, subscription management, and blog importing. Hence, the tools provided by Shopify help businesses simplify web store management and increase conversion rates.

Multiple Sales Channels

Shopify is developed as a hosted eCommerce development tool. It enables businesses to line up web stores without availing additional hosting services. At the identical time, it helps enterprises to spice up online sales revenue by selling their products through multiple sales channels — web store, social networking platforms, and in-person. The users can synchronize customers, products, and orders across sales channels using the Shopify admin interface. they will even use the Shopify Buy Button to feature their products on any website or blog. These options help enterprises to bridge the gap between their brick-and-mortar stores and web stores.

Mobile Optimization

Most customers nowadays access eCommerce websites on their mobile devices. Hence, the eCommerce website must deliver a richer user experience across varying mobile devices and platforms to extend the conversion rate. Cartcoders is Shopify Development Services to optimize eCommerce websites for mobile devices using responsive themes. Also, the developers can enhance customer experience using the built-in mobile commerce pushcart provided by the eCommerce builder. Business owners can even use the Mobile Shopify App to contact customers, accept payment, fulfill orders, and manage web stores directly from their iOS or Android devices.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Shopify supports over 70 international payment gateways. Hence, an enterprise can easily choose and integrate a reliable payment gateway into its eCommerce application. However, it’s to pay transaction fees anytime a customer uses a third-party payment gateway. The business can avoid paying transaction fees by choosing Shopify Payment. However, Shopify Payment gateway services are currently available in selected countries.

Reliable and Secure Hosting Solution

A large percentage of consumers nowadays abandon eCommerce websites that take quite 3 seconds to load. Likewise, many shoppers avoid new web stores because of security and privacy issues. Shopify is intended as a hosted eCommerce solution. It allows you to customize the complete web store hosting process, additionally to availing unlimited bandwidth. Also, the eCommerce builder comes with features to hurry up the eCommerce website and keep all sensitive data secure. the companies can simply implement SSL to stay all sensitive customer data and online transaction processing 100% secure.

Options to cut back Checkout Abandonment

Often customers add items to the go-cart but don’t complete the method. An enterprise can seduce such customers and compel them to complete the checkout process by providing exit offers or discount codes. Likewise, it can display security badges to convince customers about the safety of their sensitive and private data. Shopify tracks the abandoned checkout without creating customer accounts. the knowledge helps enterprises to influence the shoppers to finish the checkout process.

24X7 Technical Supports

Often website downtime directly affects the reputation of an internet store, additionally causing revenue loss. that’s why; many enterprises deploy a team of technicians to avoid website downtime and resolve performance issues. But the tiny businesses and start-ups often lack the resources required to deploy full-time technicians. Shopify makes it easier for businesses to avoid website downtime by providing reliable and consistent customer support. An enterprise can get the web site related problems resolved immediately by contacting the customer support staff through emails, live chat, or telephone.

However, Shopify is a commercial eCommerce builder. An enterprise can use Shopify free for 14 days. But it subsequently has to choose from three different editions of the eCommerce builder — Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. The three editions of Shopify differ from each other in terms of features and monthly price. Hence, each enterprise has to incur additional expenses to run the web store with Shopify. Likewise, the business also has to spend more money to avail of commercial themes, apps, and plug-ins. But the features provided by Shopify help businesses to build, run, and scale their eCommerce applications smoothly.



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