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All About Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless Steel is a metal made up of certain materials like Chromium up to 18%, Carbon 0.8%, Manganese 2%, Nickel 8%, Silicon, Molybdenum, etc. in certain proportions. It is the attribute of Nickel that the metal is resistant to several conditions and Carbon helps it out in sustaining the strength whereas chromium imparts the lustrous Molybdenum has a corrosion-resistant characteristic, and it protects the metal from scaling. So, the Tubes made up of Stainless Steel are of course lightweight but are very durable and stronger and most importantly are resistant to various fluids and chemicals which This makes them ideal for use in piping systems.


The Ultimate Tensile strength of a Stainless steel Tube is 505 MPa and 73200 Psi the Tensile strength it yields is 215 MPa and 31200 Psi, Elongation braking point is 70%, etc. The involvement of more amount of carbon leads to weldability and fabricability with all standard fabrication processes with standard machines associated. The Stainless Steel Forged tubes are also made up of several other grades of SS like SS 304, SS 304L, SS 304H, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 316H, SS 317, SS 317L, SS 32L, SS 32LH, etc. Usually, it is a pipe that is formed by using the mandrel method whereas a tube be it square or rectangle, or any other shape is formed by welding. To form a square tube the sheet is first folded like a square and then welded for enclosing it, same goes with the rectangle. 


The Stainless Steel Tubes are even ductile and have enough strength to withstand massive pressure. SS of course is corrosion resistant and to many other conditions. The tubes made of this alloy are resistant to corrosive elements, oxidation, erosion, and high temperatures than most other metal tubes. Certain grades of stainless steel tubes are heat treatable and weldable. The tubes are created for a variety of reasons and can be used in a variety of industries. The SS tubes are cost-effective, they do not cost much for maintenance. 


Uses and Applications of Stainless Steel Tube

Just as Stainless Steel alloy itself the tube also finds its application in many industries. The chemical and gas industries use SS tubes and pipes a lot for conveying the crude material from one place to another, even the vessels used for storing the materials are made up of Stainless Steel. The petrochemical industry also relies on stainless steel for operation. The tubes are also utilized to supply fresh water to buildings and homes. 

These tubes are frequently used on building sites for smooth performance. The transport industries use these tubes in their industries as well as in their products, the tubes are installed in vehicles because they can withstand pressure and temperature. The versatile property of these tubes makes them useable for everything and people are finding new means and applications for using these Stainless Steel tubes. 

Stainless steel tubes are widely used since they are one of the most adaptable and long-lasting materials available. 

Steel tubes are commonly used for structural support in buildings, bridges, and many other structures that we come into contact with daily.





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