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All The Different Types Of Doors To Consider For Your House

Every house should have a door to provide its inhabitants with privacy and security. Even if you live in an apartment where there are multiple people who need to share the same door, it is still necessary that you have your own entrance which you can shut without worrying about anyone trying to enter. Deciding on what type of door you want for your house can be confusing especially since there are so many different types of doors out there that all serve their purpose.

The first thing that you need to know about choosing a door for your house is that you have four options available– the sliding glass doorway, pocket doors, hinged or swing doors, and also entryway or foyer doors. Each one has its strengths as well as disadvantages but all of them can be durable and reliable.

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Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are made to slide into the wall when opened so they will not take up any space in your hallway or living room which is why they are also called ‘sliding doors’. They provide you with more space especially if you want the option of having guests over who can’t fit through single doorways, like wheelchair users. These kinds of doors are usually very heavy because of the mechanisms involved but these should only last for a decade or two before some renovation is necessary. You can install pocket doors yourself if you have the tools and follow the proper steps while utilizing a larger doorway (roughly 29 inches) since smaller spaces require some customization and structural changes.Sliding Glass Doors

The sliding glass door is often used in backyards because of the convenient way that they open up to the outside with ease. Sliding glass doors are popular choices for those who want to make their house look bigger and better since this adds space inside your home without making it look cluttered. If you have a pool or garden which needs proper upkeep, sliding glass doors can allow you to do all this at once from the comfort of your living room couch.

Hinged Doors

These kinds of doors resemble traditional ones which swing on hinges and provide security as well as insulation between you and the outdoors. This kind of doorway is perfect if you enjoy having friends over or prefer an enclosed living space where you can shut out the world around you. The only downside with hinged doors is that they can be very expensive and require a lot of maintenance if you live in a humid or wet environment.

Foyer Doors/Entryway Doors

These kinds of doors are very similar to hinged ones except for the fact that they have an entryway built into the design which makes it look much nicer especially when combined with a coat rack and mirror . If you know someone who has a house with a foyer, you will understand why these kinds of entrances provide not only security but also aesthetics as well. The key difference between these types of doors and others is their size. While most doorways measure at 34 inches, this sort of doorway might only need to be 32 inches long since it doesn’t open up as wide as standard ones.

These are but a few examples of the different types of doors that you can consider for your house. Every single one has its own benefits and downfalls which is why you need to carefully think about what type of doorway best suits your needs. Make sure that while taking measurements, you use measuring tape instead of string since the former comes with inches marked while the latter does not. If you follow these steps, all four kinds of doorways will make it much easier to enjoy the outdoors especially if you have friends who want to go camping or simply hang out by your pool.



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