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Application & Uses of Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a type of metal that was invented by mixing some metals altogether. Stainless Steel is a strong alloy that is combined of many metals. Metals like Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum, Silicon, Aluminium, and most importantly Carbon are the components of this alloy. Stainless Steel is very strong and effective all because of all the metals, chromium has 10-11% part in SS that gives a gleaming property to the alloy, carbon has 0.03-1.00% part and it provides strength to the steel, Molybdenum, and Nickel together make the SS resistant to corrosion and rust. Stainless Steel has distinct features that make it easy to identify the metal. SS is a very shining alloy which is due to Chromium at a certain ratio. The Stainless Steel is generally stored in the form of pipe, tubes, sheets, plates, bars, rods, etc. All the other metals present in SS make it suitable for the application as it is a durable metal and has accurate dimensions which means that it fits perfectly on the pipes and works just fine. They do not require regular maintenance and are relatively light in weight which makes it optimum to be used in Industries and Factories.


Bright Bars

Stainless Steel Bright Bars have the size of 5mm to 500mm with diameter ranging from 0.1mm to 100mm and length can be from 100mm to 1300mm and beyond. The general shape of bars are Bright Bars, Square Bars, Flat Bars, Threaded Bars, Hollow Bars, Hexagonal Bars, Triangular Bars. These Bright bars are generally used to make other Stainless steel products for example small pipe fittings, small tools, instruments, etc. the Bright bars are also used to make as pipes and tubes. The Stainless steel Bright bars are optimum bars because of the properties of many metals used to make the alloy. The Bright bars are brighter in appearance than the other bars which sets it different. The Bright Bars made up of alloy is initially refined alloy which is melted and made into a large thick thread which is cooled down and rotated continuously to give it the shape.



The alloy has great immunity against corrosion so it is mostly used in plants and industries. The Petroleum Refinery uses Stainless Steel Bright bars for making it into pipes and using it to convey the crude oil to plant for converting it. The Boilers use this alloy for outer covering because it can withstand steam and fluids or any substance. The pipelines use pipes made of Stainless Steel Bright Bars because they can survive water for long period of time. Cooling towers also use this alloy because of its resistance against water and steam for the very same reason it also used in making steam exhausts. The Electric Generation plants use this alloy grade because it is compatible to electricity. Paper Production, Waste Treatment, Pharmaceutical and Food Processing equipment make use of Stainless Steel Bright Bars in all the shape and size. The Food and Beverage industry also use the pipes made of the SS Bright bars for they are able to resist any reaction to edibles. Accordingly the alloy is used around the world for its immunity and strength.




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