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Best food suggested by hair surgeon for amazing hair growth

Growing hair naturally requires hard work and patience. However, you cannot beat the genetics and age factors that can obstruct natural hair growth. But, you can have proper control over your diet that can work to serve the purpose. You can experience possible growth of 6 cm yearly with a good diet. If you recently had a hair treatment, you can ask your surgeon about food for hair growth. A professional can give you good food recommendations that can benefit you significantly. However, it is vital to know the amount intake of particular foods for expected outcomes.

Here is the list of some foods for amazing hair growth naturally. So, let’s begin with them step by step.


Eggs are power-packed foods that can boost hair production naturally. They are equipped with protein, and the hair follicles are mostly made of protein. Eating eggs every morning could also lead to fulfilling the deficiency of biotin. It is also a responsible nutrient that can grow hairs, unsurprisingly. You might often see shampoos and conditioners that have biotin and protein to use for shining hairs.

Eat salmon

Salmon is a fatty fish that is a powerhouse of Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are known for offering many benefits to humans, and they are also linked to the fast growth of hairs. As per medical evidence, Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are responsible for improving hair density by preventing hair loss. Therefore, if you can eat fatty fish, it can be a superfood for hair growth. 


If you are a vegan and are not comfortable with eggs and fish, nuts are your friendly foods. They also provide vitamins like B and E that can help with natural hair growth. They are also housed zinc, fatty acids, and vitamins that can prevent hair loss. You can consider eating a handful of almonds, walnuts, and raisins as well. Eating nuts can make your hair shiny as well.


Oats are surprising food for hair growth that can provide you with iron, zinc, and fatty acids. Regular intake of oats could lead to thick and healthy hair growth. Oatmeal has the power to boost hair growth so you can achieve desired outcomes. It is also easy to prepare oats, and they are light as well.

Peanut butter

It is a tasteful food that you can use daily with a toast to add delicious flavors. Peanut butter has a high amount of vitamin E that can help with fast hair growth, and vitamin E could heal the damaged hair tissues and address irritation of the scalp. So, it is a great food to add to your list.


The great food that has origin in New Zealand is also good for hair growth. It is among the category of citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Therefore, you can get these fruits to add to your diet. You can get a rich amount of vitamin C with this fruit to help your body absorb iron better. Thus, you can experience good growth of hair.

Indian gooseberry

You might hear many times that soreness is always good for your health. Among the foods for amazing hair growth, Indian gooseberry can help you with hair loss treatment. It has a rich amount of calcium that can work to treat hair loss naturally. It can be used in edible form, or you can even try its juice. It will stimulate the growth of hair by preventing hair loss. It is also rich in Vitamin C that is essential for the immune system.


You can consider red or orange carrots that have an adequate amount of Vitamin A, and they can convert into beta-carotene that can prevent dryness and dull hairs. You can get shiny hairs with natural growth that will surely work to improve your personality.


It is a green vegetable rich in iron, vitamin c, and folate that naturally promotes hair growth. You can still consume it in uncooked form.

The Final Summary

These are some super foods for amazing hair growth and prevention of hair loss. For more details, you can check with a specialist. You must include these foods in your routine diet.

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