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Different Grades of Monel Flanges

Monel and Grades

Monel is an alloy that is made of Nickel and Copper in a significant proportion. It is the attribute of these two metals that Monel is resistant to seawater and steam at high temperatures. The existence of copper in the alloy imparts immunity against nitric acid and ammonia. At sub-zero temperature the Monel 400 has good mechanical properties, the melting point is set at 2370°-2460°F. The Carbon content here is maximum at 0.30% which is compromised due to Copper content which is 28-34% and Nickel is the most at 63.0%, and there is the absence of chromium, manganese is however 2.00%. The Tensile Strength of Monel is 75-90ksi, Yields up to 25-50ksi, and elongation of 60%. Besides the alloy itself, there are certain grades as well like Monel 400, Monel 401, Monel 404, Monel R-405, Monel K-500. 


The Monel 400 is made up of materials like carbon up to 0.3%, Nickel up to 70.0%, iron 2.5%, Manganese 2.0%, and Copper 340%. The tensile property of 400 is 480 MPa Yield Strength is 195 MPa with elongation of 35%. 


The Monel 401 has 45% of Nickel, copper same as 400, Manganese 2.25%, and Iron 0.75%. The Tensile Strength of 401 is 441 MPa and Yield Strength is 134 MPa with an elongation of 51%. Grade 404 is somewhat similar to grades 400 and 401 in certain aspects. 


Monel R-405 has Nickel at 63%, Copper at 34%, Carbon at 2%, Manganese at 2%, Iron at 2.5%. the tensile strength of R-405 is 85 ksi, yield strength is 40%. 


Monel K-500 consists of 0.25% Carbon, Nickel and Cobalt at 63%, Titanium at 0.85%, Copper at 33%, Iron at 2.00%, Manganese 1.50%, Titanium at 0.85%, and Aluminium at 3.15%. Tensile Strength of Monel K-500 is 180 psi, Yield Strength is 135 psi, and elongation of 45%. 


It’s perfect for use in petroleum treatment plants all over the world, and it’s also widely used in the synthetic and maritime industries. 

The oil and gas industry previously relied on what are considered low-end consumption safe chemicals. 

This industry has received more developed materials in the last decade or so to reduce disappointment encountered overtime in its hardware and parts. 


What is Flanges?

A flange is a type of pipe-fittings or can also be called an instrument. The flanges are used to connect two pipes, valves, pumps, etc. The use of flanges makes it easy for inspection, modification, and cleaning of the pipes or any other connection mechanism. In general, the flanges are welded or screwed together. Mostly it is bolted together by placing a gasket in between for sealing off a joint properly. The flanges are available in all shapes and sizes. One can find massive flanges that are only used in industries and plants. The benefits of Monel are many like High resistance to stress and corrosion cracking, high resistance to pitting, high strength, good resistance to chloride, high thermal conductivity, good performance, and weldability, with durability. Likewise, the Monel flanges are used in various applications like Power Industry systems, Heat Exchangers, Tubes and Pipes for the gas and oil industry, mechanical and structural components of aerospace, the Automobile industry, etc. Monel is a great material for any application because it consists of some great metals that make it strong and durable for the process. 

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