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Different Types Of Rigid Boxes For Your Brand

If you are trying to make your name in the E-commerce industry then the packaging should be a big part of your business plan. Packaging plays a vital role in developing customer loyalty. Rigid packaging is one way to pack your product. Due to the superior quality, they feel luxurious. If you need great boxes for presentation of your product, rigid boxes are the perfect option.

Rigid boxes are becoming a preferred choice for the consumer and retailer because it secures the product completely. These sturdy boxes are made out of thick chipboard sheets. After that, they are wrapped with a decorative pattern. Most of the time people use them as custom box packaging. However, many companies are now using them to make their products feel more luxurious.

Why Do You Need Rigid Boxes?

Help You Protect Your Item

Rigid boxes are very strong and more reliable than other types of packaging. They guarantee the safety of the products stored in them. Many manufacturers produce fragile items like foods, and these product boxes are ideal for them.

Help You Showcase Your Product Better

These days, people are trying to go for items that not only perform well but grab the attention of the customers. Anyone looking to buy a product first should look at it and then get a feel for product design or appearance.

You Can Customize It Anyway

There is no comparison between rigid packaging and simple boxes. The reason is that they are all different. Therefore, it is not a good idea to store all your inventory in the same packaging. It is because your goods can be ruined both visually and in terms of quality, you will be taking a hit.

You Get Better Print Quality

It is the design printed on your checkout’s rigid packaging that grabs the attention of your customers. If the print quality is poor, it is not a good thing. It will affect the appearance of your product overall. That is why it is important to give your tote rigid packaging a quality imprint to make them look more attractive. Rigid containers also have a high quality, which makes them distinctive and unique.

Different Kinds of Rigid Boxes Are Available In The Market

There are several different kinds of rigid boxes that are available in the market nowadays. They did not need to be printed but used a separate sheet for decorative purposes. Here are some of the types of rigid packaging that you can choose for your E-commerce products.

Partially Covered Rigid Box

It is a type in which half of your product is covered, and the other half is exposed. Many customers prefer to buy by looking at the actual products instead of getting ideas from packaging. This box will help the consumer get a glimpse of the actual product before they buy it. It builds a trusting relationship between customer and company.

Half of your product is covered with a rigid box, and the other half is covered with a transparent sheet. All of these boxes are built by keeping in mind product size and shape. It not only secures your product but also a light on your pocket.

Telescoping Rigid Boxes

These Rigid Boxes are one of the most commonly used containers in the market. They are specified in two categories

  1. 2-piece Telescoping box
  2. 3-pieces telescoping boxes

2-piece rigid boxes come with a lid as a base and a lid to cover the upper side of the box. These are mostly used for the packaging of food items and beverages. On the other hand, 3-pieces telescoping rigid boxes contain one upper lid, middle, and base lid. These boxes are mostly used for the packaging of luxurious items like cellphones, jewelry, watches, and more.  

Book Style Rigid Boxes

These hard boxes look like a book, to make them more elegant and luxurious. With durability, they are also attractive and stylish in their design. The boxes are great for wrapping style for any stylish items you want to do packaging. These Rigid hard boxes have a different appearance and attract your customers.

Magnetically Hinged Hard Lids

Magnetic boxes are another type that provides a great opening experience for buyers. They are very appealing to the eye. It is the only reason that many manufacturers use these rigid boxes as a packaging solution for their products. These Rigid folding boxes are also great for protecting your product from damage or breakage during shipment.

Rigid Drawer Boxes

These containers are very high quality and inherently very durable compared to other boxes. Rigid packaging boxes are the perfect choice for manufacturers who manufacture fragile items and want to store them for a long period.

Final Words

These are some of the most popular Rigid Boxes that are being used for the packaging of the products. You can choose the one that you think will suit your product better than the other. Always keep the protection of your product in your mind when choosing packaging boxes.

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