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Electric Beater- What is it & how to use it

An Electric Beater is also called hand mixture. It can be electric and non-electric. Both are available in the market. If we purchase a non-Electric Hand Blender then we just need to do all the things we want just by stirring our hand over the things which we want to mix. And if we purchase the Electric Hand Mixer then we have an electric connection for this to work properly. If we Buy an Electric Beater then we do not have to stir for mixing. It mixes automatically with electricity, only we have to put things in a beaker so that the hand of mixture which rotates by machine can mix the mixture finely. The electric hand mixture is made up of a plastic body so that it resists the current and the users are safe from getting shocked by electricity and the Electric Hand Mixer is made up of strong metal wire which has some gap between them. So that the material it mixes doesn’t get more sticky and easily get mixed. 

In ancient times people used their hands to mix their food. They believe that our hand was given by god, so we don’t need any external things or substance to make such things. But nowadays people are developing day by day and they are aware about the Bacteria. And they also know the effect of bacteria so they prefer to do it with a cleaned substance for mixing. And it also saves our time and mixes the things very finely. It saves a lot of time which may save time and turn that time into leisure time. Nowadays every kitchen has an electric hand mixture so that they can save their time. People are using it widely jn world wide. The upgraded version of this Hand Mixer is used in big big factories like bakeries which make a lot of cakes, bread and baked substances. The factory needs more and more Electric Beaters in large amounts. And the beater used in the factory is more expensive and larger than the beater we use in our daily life jn kitchen. 

Electric Beater
Electric Hand Blender

Electric Beater Uses

In our daily life we use electric hand mixture or non electric hand mixture for making food stuffs for our breakfast, lunch and dinner or on many other occasions. The Electric Beater we used in our daily life while cooking in the kitchen to mix wheat and water,cream etc. The stuff we generally used to make cake. Yes, this is the most renowned item of our daily life. 

Electric Hand Blender  for Preparation of cake 

If you are cooking food like cake then you should have an Electric Hand Blender. This will make cooking more enjoyable and make cooking easier. Because it mixes the whole cream of cake finely which you are going to pour over the cake. This also saves your time in making the cream for the cake. So that you can bake your cake more in less time. 

Hand Mixer for Preparation of curd 

If you want to make a good quality of curd then an Electric Hand Blender will definitely help you. You should have this gadget because it mixes the curd well and breaks down the curd particle from bigger to smaller which is formed during fermentation of milk by the use of bacteria. Hand Mixer helps you to give you fine and good quality curd to drink and for any other stuff or for cooking purposes. It also enhances the taste of curd which was formed by this. Because it was formed by the speed rotation of the mixture hand. And the particles formed are so fine and tasty. 

Electric Hand Blender
Best Electric Beater for Cakes

Electric Hand Mixer for Preparation of butter dal

An Electric Hand Mixer is the best appliance for mixing the butter and the dal. The butter is insoluble in water so when we add butter into dal and leave it for a long time then it does not mix well with dal. We need to stir butter many times so that the taste of butter gets mixed in a homogeneous manner over the whole dal. So if we stir it with our free hand it will take a long time and be time consuming. As I have said, butter is insoluble in water so we use an Electric Hand Mixer to mix butter and dal. When we start the gadget its hand starts rotating and the mixture of dal and butter is prepared quickly. Because machines apply lots of torque on solution or mixture of dal and butter. So by applying torque by Electric Beater the mixture formed is more fine and more tasty. 



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