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Here’s how to create a stunning Instagram profile

Visitors to your Instagram profile will first see your pictures in the feed, then maybe your stories and then the information in your Instagram bio, above under your cover picture.

Now it’s time to decide whether fleeting visitors to your Instagram channel will take the season ticket and follow you or whether they will take an orderly retreat.

Unfortunately, the profile text is often neglected. 

More “Oh yes, something has to go there” instead of “Yeah, THAT is my business card on Instagram”.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to create a convincing Instagram profile in 2020 that will attract your dream customers and turn them from casual visitors to followers.

Sounds good? Then let’s get started!

Write an Instagram profile text that will convince your desired customers

A successful Instagram profile text explains who you are and what you do in 150 characters.

It’s not an easy task. I think, as Germans, we are somewhat disadvantaged here. In our language, it is not that easy to be sexy short. 

But instead of getting upset about the injustice of the world, let’s make the best of it. And put heart and brain into this text. 

Because if you do it right, these 150 characters have the potential

to attract the attention of your desired customers

to give them a clear idea of ​​what you are doing 

and convince them to hit the magical “Follow” button.

How do your customers benefit from following you on Instagram

Write less about yourself in your Instagram bio and focus on how you are helping your customers.

What problem do you solve for them and how does it benefit them when they follow you on Instagram.

After a look at her profile, you will know exactly what Stephanie Poggemöller from work and family is all about:

It is not always easy to write a short, crisp text about yourself.

Just take 15 minutes of your time and try to answer the following questions. Maybe then it will be easier for you to write a text for your bio:

  • I support my customers buy…
  • If my brand were an animal it would be …
  • My brand should win the award for XY
  • I’m excellent at …
  • The secret power of my brand is …

Use your most important keywords in the name field:

The name field in your Instagram bio is completely independent of your username on Instagram.

And it is one of the few areas in your Insta profile that are search-relevant.

Use it to describe your company, your products or services in more detail. 

And in this field use the words (keywords) that your ideal customers are looking for on Instagram when they need your services.

Take a look at how Carina Hartmann uses the field to reveal more about her company:

When someone searches for the terms Instagram or Pinterest on Instagram, their profile appears under the first results:



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