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How to Build a B2B Email List That Boosts Your Revenue

You want to build a mailing list only if you’re getting prospects, and it’s easy enough to convert them into customers in the future. For instance, when businesses incur many customer approvals through emailing, they’ve qualified people who could become clients later on.

Many marketers pay more attention to finding company emails lists than regular subscribers because they know it can be hard to get prospects from scratch. So here are the three ways of turning interested into revenue:

  • Turn responsive leads from subscribers into leads through blackmail campaigns 
  • Use these targeted leads for potential cross-sells and upsells
  • Utilize the randomized leads generated by your white type campaigns for outbound marketing endeavours.

With data insights about your customers at your fingertips through subscription services like MailChimp or SparkPost, it’s easy to personalize emails for diverse segments across industries. Plus, with the help of automation techniques like drip campaigns, you can create personalized long-term messaging.

Add only verified email addresses to your list 

Invalid or inaccurate email addresses are the #1 reason emails are being marked as spam. And you may have built up a nice rapport with the lead only to learn that not only did they give you their incorrect email, but they’re no longer interested in your product or services.

Before adding anyone into your database, verify that the correct contact details are entered including an explicit agreement of what you will be sending them in the future. This ensures you get fewer unsubscribes and more conversions because everyone on your list can opt-in to receive emails from you rather than automatically opting out when they get one from someone else who didn’t take proper precautions.

Pick the Right B2B Email Marketing Provider 

Assuming you need to assemble your B2B verified email list, you want to observe the right email marketing tool. The right B2B database website marketing specialist allows you effectively to send target campaigns. 


Here’s what to search for in an email marketing specialist: 

  • Drag and drop builder: simple to utilize devices to make delightful email pamphlets 
  • Marketing automation: send customized messages in mass 
  • Classification: partition your subscribers into bunches dependent on their inclinations, interests, and more

Creating a Lead Magnet

It is an easy and effective way to build leads and subscribers for an email list. How it works: you offer the lead magnet in exchange for your visitor’s contact information. This opens up opportunities to get in touch with prospects on their terms.

Since they give away something of value, people are more inclined to offer their contact information, such as email or physical address, than if asked by any other means (e.g., “Would you like to subscribe?”). That offer provides an incentive for visitors who might otherwise leave your site without requesting an offer of their own volition.

Add leads forms to your site 

Forms are a primary way for your customers to interact with your company. They give us an opportunity to create a dialogue with you, which can lead to better understanding, more accurate order fulfilment and smoother exchanges in the future.


Adding lead forms to your website is an investment in generating revenue for your business. It’s where businesses plug their most powerful marketing engines–their sales team–into their site for increased conversion rates. Building databases takes real effort that needs focus and strategy, so don’t do it until you know what you’re doing. 

Segment your verified email list 

If you have a big list of company contacts, segmenting the list according to their interests will improve your click-through rates and deliver a message that is specific to the contact you’re targeting. Furthermore, segmentation allows for more personalized content going out in an email campaign that caters to individual recipients’ needs. This not only increases overall readability but also engagement if consumers feel they are being spoken directly to.


In addition, if you have different products/services for different audiences this would be important because certain brands may need different messaging from others.

Bottom line: 

Email marketing is the best tool for driving customer growth. When customers are on your website, they are still your customers, but when it comes to email, even if the person doesn’t buy something right then and there, they’ll likely come back to your website later down the road. 



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