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To start with, you will need to create a Shopify store. You can set up your store in less than 15 minutes, but you may prefer to spend a little more time custom

Many people assume that Shopify e-commerce is the only purpose of the platform. But in reality not only you can sell products online but sell services as well. It means whether you’re a copywriter, dance teacher, or accountant, you can set up your business online and start making sales.

Shopify is a great platform to promote any kind of business. It doesn’t matter whether your products are physical, virtual, or service-based, Shopify is the most popular selling platform on the web. It’s cost-effective, beginner-friendly, and there’s plenty of support in the form of Shopify Store Setup experts and a helpful community of sellers.

So how do you go beyond selling products? Are you thinking to expand your Shopify Store setup with a service-based business? Let’s see what you need to get started with it!

Creating your Shopify store

To start with, you will need to create a Shopify store. You can set up your store in less than 15 minutes, but you may prefer to spend a little more time customizing your theme or working with a Shopify development company. When you navigate to the Shopify website, you will need to click the Get Started button to set up your store.

Shopify will guide you through the process of naming your store, entering your payment details, and adding products. The next steps are to customize your site, set up your domain, and activate your payment processor. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a fully-functioning Shopify store.

Selling services as products

The simplest way to sell Shopify services is to add them as products. You can do this using the platform’s product management tool to add images and descriptions to your items. For example, if you are selling dog-walking and pet-sitting services, you will need to add each service you offer as separate products.

As the “products” you’re selling are intangible, you should take extra care with your item listings. Make sure you include plenty of accurate description of what’s on offer, as well as eye-catching photos to engage your customers. You should also optimize your product descriptions for SEO so that they rank in search engine results.

Setting variants and options

The Shopify Variants and Options tool can be used to set up advanced service offerings, such as scheduling appointment times or adding extras. If you sell inventory-controlled services (such as classes where there is a maximum capacity), you can set Shopify inventory control to limit the number of people who sign up for each service. You may also wish to automate a confirmation email that requests more information from the user, such as a telephone number or sign-up details. You can do this by integrating mail software into your Shopify store.

You can also use variants to control pricing. For example, if a user wanted to book a 60-minute class rather than a 40-minute class, customers might pay $40 instead of $25. You can also let customers choose from a variety of appointment times and collect registrations by adjusting your variants.

For registrations that require more information than Shopify can collect (such as health or fitness services), you can link users to an external form service like Google Forms, either via the confirmation page or follow-up email. However, adding services as Shopify products does require some manual input. However, once your site is set up, it will be easy for users to find your page and pay for your services.

Many small businesses are solely retail trade and plenty of them are with service-based businesses! Getting everything on an e-commerce platform to support service best companies is the best choice ever.

There are plenty of app services that Shopify Store setup experts provide you as given below:

Globo Request a Quote

Globo is best for service business services that sell made-to-order products. It provides your customer with a “Quote request” instead of a normal “add to cart” & “Checkout”. Here they have to fill out the form as per their need & you can send a quote back.


BookThatApp gives you a functional and responsive booking calendar. Your clients can reserve times without any third-party application, in short, is one of the best applications for making appointment-based services and consultations.

Events Calendar

Events provide you a great calendar to display your website. You can choose from several different layouts and sync them with external calendars from Outlook, and Google. Consultants with seminars, dance, & fitness businesses who hold open classes. You can also add information, images, & links to each to each event so your audience can find it easily with just a click.


No doubt there are several great benefits Shopify provides regardless of your business type such as versatile templates, designs, credit card payments, friendly UI for both product & services businesses. Plus, it can all be customized to your individual needs. And Cartcoders can help you with all things as a Shopify Store Setup services. We provide affordable Shopify setup services.

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