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It’s time to visit where your customers live: online. If you’re proud of where your customers are, why isn’t it online?

The COVID 19 crisis underscores the importance of online businesses. Whether you’re selling products like herbs, cosmetics, yoga, or offering services like travel, you can’t avoid digital marketing. To preserve and protect your business, you need to start network marketing.

Infectious diseases have shown the importance of online situations for businesses. The good news is that your customers often visit your overseas stores who are now waiting for your online presence. So the question is – are you ready to serve your potential customers and move online?

And, why not start now? Start investing in your business and marketing today! Entering the world of coronovirus and modern business, a large audience – new and existing, with increasing sales. Let’s start by learning how COVID 19 is changing the business situation and what it takes to start selling online.

Has the lock changed?

Traders saw that they were damaged because they were severely affected by the decline in sales. However, their new goals now lay the groundwork for the adoption of the new methodology. The first answer is to reduce the cost of advertising and events, but all those who insist on moving away from the system have already got customers because customers have neither stopped nor.

So what’s the chance? You all want to understand that people have changed. Here are some shopping habits that can affect your business.
People usually buy in bulk, prerequisites.
Avoid expensive or delayed items.
Look for home delivery
Foreign exchange reserves can be risky

Businesses are trying to cope with all these changes by registering the delivery facility, service request and layout for sale. And, are you thinking about connecting to a network? Well, let’s learn more about that.

What are the benefits of online marketing?

Work from home and keep your distance! With this you can earn by ordering online and working hours according to your needs. You have pure freedom to cover that area.
Remember Flipkart’s success story? It has become the first effective online marketing tool in India. Sachin and Binni Bansal worked together on Amazon and launched an amazing concept on the Indian market. He started selling books and that’s about it!

Turn your passion and hobby into a good job! Have you heard the good news about the Quartet idea? The Internet platform allows people to read and discuss books as they compile and share their experiences. Founded by wife Jasleen Khurana and Prateek Gupta. The idea started with offline groups in Delhi-NCR and as a solution they decided to connect the community to the network. They make money from readers and authors and have already checked almost 50,000 revenues, over 6,000 registered users and over 1,500 books. The average traffic is around 40,000 per month, and it is expected that it will exceed one million registered users by the end of 2020.

What’s stopping you? The surprising advantage of running online is that it does not involve too much investment. At the entrance there is a view of the low tide, which means that everyone can go there!

Do you want to start shopping?

Website: Promote your online store by creating a website with a fast delivery and purchase option. No time or resources? That’s the answer! You can start with the most popular website builders like WordPress or Vika.

Payment options: What is the payment method? Signing different payment options meant that it was affordable and flexible for customers. Therefore, you are advised to offer a wide range of payment options such as credit card, postpay, paypal and others.

Select service partners: Serve the customer and the delivery required to work with authorized service partners. Given the current situation, it is recommended to select government sanitary partners who follow hygiene guidelines. Depending on your business, these partners can switch from Zomato to DTDC or Bluedart, among other things.

Call Tracking: It is important that your call tracking system is connected to your website. Improves customer support because they can contact the seller directly. The most common call tracking services are Clicktell, CloudTalk and EngageBay.

Customer Relationship Management System: Use a CRM system to store customer data on their purchases, birthdays, etc. This will help you to strengthen the knowledge of your customers. The most commonly used CRMs are Pipedry, Bitric24, Salesflare etc.

Advertising: When you are ready with the website, you have to move forward by inviting new viewers to your online store through advertising.
Set measurable and clear advertising goals.
Set up a remarketing strategy by engaging existing customers
Generate traffic
Periodically check your KPIs.

Set up Google Analytics and Google Bookmark Manager: If you are running a website, it is a good idea to set goals in Google Analytics. This will help improve the web page loading time and measure performance. In addition, tracking codes through Google Tag Manager will be useful in tracking activities executed on the website.

Congratulation! Now that your online store is ready, you need to work on various marketing strategies to maintain it.

What is the marketing strategy to maintain your business?

Once you start selling online, there are a variety of free marketing strategies that can help your business grow in a competitive world.

Social Media: You can promote your business by being present on social networks on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Sharing interesting photos or interesting content can help you a lot to build an audience.

Start Blogging: Content marketing is the most popular method that turns viewers into customers. You can start a blog page on your website.

YouTube Channel: It’s Vlogging After Blogging! Why not start a conversation with the audience and say something interesting?

Waiver: Wouldn’t it be nice to start with a waiver or one-off at the beginning? This will definitely attract customers to your website.

Apart from these free marketing strategies, there are some paid advertisements. You can choose them for the best chance for your success.

Facebook Advertising: Facebook is a truly advanced advertising platform that generates the most customers. Facebook ads help target and reconnect with your audience.

Instagram Ads: Since Facebook and Instagram work in collaboration, everything posted on Facebook works on Instagram as well. You can run ads through stories or posts.

Google Advertising: This is the most commonly used search engine that allows you to target specific keywords.

Now you are enough to run your online business successfully. Spinner helps you in your exciting journey by incorporating marketing strategies into SEO practices that will surely do wonders for your online business.

Understand the basics of Internet sales and stay ahead of everyone! Just make sure that you are suited to develop fast even during difficult times. Getting a website online will definitely help you stay connected with your people. Focus on your costs and take advantage of marketing analytics.
happy selling!

Customers today like everything online. So, do you sell online?
not now? Still wondering how to start?
Let it happen …



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