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Improving Your Game of Golf

There’s no denying that playing the game of golf can be one of the most challenging sports out there. When you consider the amount of time it takes to play a game, the average distance covered and the accuracy required, it’s no wonder that so many players struggle to get really good at this game.

When you first start playing this sport it’s always really advisable to invest in some lessons with a professional. This will really help you form some good habits early on rather than the other way around. It also will teach you much of the etiquette required when playing this sport, rather than learning the hard way and having someone approach you aggressively to berate you, purely for not calling out a wayward shot, playing along with quick enough, or making too much noise during a tee off.

Avoiding picking up bad habits early in your playing time will really set some great foundations and significantly reduce the frustrations you might experience with this game. It really doesn’t matter at what age you pick up this sport just as long as you take these lessons early on. Playing age is one of those aspects of this game, which actually makes golf so great.  It’s not strenuous on the joints and doesn’t involve any impact (usually), making it ideal for both young and old.

While young people can often have better strength and endurance they can often lack the discipline that some of the older players bring to the game. One thing which is certain is that both of these age demographics have much more time on their hands to practise this sport. Middle-aged players often can combine the best of both strength and discipline, but unfortunately due to family and work commitments often don’t have quite as much time to play the game. When you then add the element of inclement weather pushing many fair-weather players into postponing their games during the colder months of the year, you’ll often find that many people who want to play golf but just can’t is actually quite cumbersome.

It’s worth pointing out that once you have the fundamentals down pat, really the best way to get good at this game is through consistent playing and practise. While playing every day isn’t really feasible for the average player, if you want to play, what are your options?

You can sometimes use a local park depending on its size to practise drives and chipping. It’s worth making sure you check signs in this park to ensure that golfing practice is allowed. Otherwise, you will need to make use of a driving range or the practice fairway at a local course, however, there might be costs involved with using these facilities.

For your putting, there are also practise putting greens often located at most golf courses and driving ranges. In addition to this there are many pitches and putts around however these often have unrealistic obstacles to overcome, but with the addition of food and drinks, these can often turn into a fun social outing. There is also the option of installing a putting green in your own backyard. Companies such as Synlawn have the expertise to design and create perfect undulating greens that can give you enough difficulty to improve your putting, yet still provide a functional outdoor space that can be used for many other needs.





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