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In What Luxury Brand Watch Should You Invest?

A prior blog noted that investing your money, rather than simply saving it in a bank, allowed it to grow faster and let you do more with it. Popular investments (stocks, real estate, funds, bonds, commodities), however, are risky, especially considering the recent pandemic.

Financial experts have lately looked at and favored investing in luxury items, specifically luxury watches. One major reason: luxury watches are tangible – you can see and feel them – wear them and show them to others – pass them down to other generations. Additional reasons include:

  • Marketability: should you need cash, you can simply sell a luxury watch.
  • Insurability: you can easily insure and protect a luxury watch.

In Which Luxury Watch Should You Invest?

Rebag, an authority in luxury accessory trading, selling, and buying, reported that Rolex presently dominates the luxury watch second-hand market. It’s 2021 Clair report found that a Rolex retains over 80% of its value and that some styles sell for twice their initial cost. Four styles performed best:

  1. Daytona: (named after the international speedway) held 160% of its original value.
  2. Submarina: (which appeared in Bond films) held 160% of its original value.
  3. Batman: held 180% of its value
  4. Coke: (red and black in color, like the soda) held 120% of its original value.

Dimepiece, a website dedicated to women and luxury watches, determined that, in addition to Rolex, investors were also buying Cartier. Investors liked Cartier’s recognizability, 175-year history, wearability, and versatility. Rebag additionally noted that a Cartier retains over 60% of its original value. The Real, a members only, luxury goods consignment market recently sold the following two Cartier styles:

  • Tank Française: held 70% of its original value.
  • Panthère de Cartier: (introduced over 100 years ago) held 60% of its original value.

While the experts believed Cartier was a good investing starting point for first-time investors, they nonetheless suggested buying what appealed to you. You still want to love the watch, even if you wanted it as a wise investment.

On the other hand, loving luxury watches is very easy. Anyone who wears luxury watches will tell you just that.


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