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Information of Stub End

What is a stub end and why should it be used?

Stub ends are buttweld fittings that can be utilized (in the mix with a lap joint spine) then again to welding neck ribs to make flanged associations. Stub ends have to be used with standard slip-on flanges The utilization of stub closes enjoys two benefits: it can lessen the complete expense of flanged joints for channeling frameworks in high material grades (as the lap joint spine shouldn’t be of a similar material of the line and the stub end yet can be a lower grade); it speeds up the establishment interaction, as the lap joint rib can be turned to work with the arrangement of the bolt openings. Stub closes are accessible in short and long examples (ASA and MS’s stub closes), in sizes up to 80 inches.

Stub End Application 

A stud end and a lap joint rib can be utilized together as an elective method for making a flanged association than welding neck ribs.

The two devices to be combined, in this case, are:

  • The stub end, which is basically a piece of line, with one end erupted outwards and the other arranged to be welded to a line of a similar drag size (NPS = ostensible line size), material, and divider thickness. The most broadly utilized manufacturing apparatus for stub closes is the erupting machine, which can erupt the finish of the line and afterward slices it to length.
  • A Lap Joint Flange is utilized to really bolt the two lengths of line together.

Benefits of Lap Joint Stub Ends

The utilization of stub closes enjoys these two benefits:

Facilitates the installation of the flange

The lap joint rib can be pivoted on the line and improve on the arrangement of the bolt openings of the mating spines

It will be noticed that stud closes are becoming famous additionally in high-pressure applications (while they were utilized for low-pressure applications just previously).

Reduces the overall cost of the flanged joint

For the most part, the lap joint rib is of a lower grade than the material of the stub end and the pipework, hence saving the complete load of high-grade material utilized for the flanged joint.


For an SS316 pipe, rather than utilizing an entire 316 welding neck spine, a blend of an SS316 stub end and a carbon steel lap joint rib would do similar careful work, yet a complete load of SS316 material would be lower, and the expense also. Basically, stub closes permit to limit the heaviness of high-grade material in pure, duplex, and nickel amalgam funneling, saving expenses. Obviously, the greater the measurement and the class of the spines, the higher the saving

Short/Long Pattern Stub Ends (ASA/MSS)

Stub closes are accessible in two distinct examples:

  • the short example, called MSS-A stub closes
  • the long example, called ASA-A stub closures (or ANSI length stub end)

Stub End Finish

Stub closures can be requested with various closures wrapping up:

  • Beveled Ends
  • Squared Ends
  • Flanged Ends
  • Grooved Ends
  • Threaded Ends (Male Only)
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