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In this age where everything is digital, the old fashioned business cards that are used for mentioning the details of a business are still necessary just the way it was in the previous times.


If you just think about the last time when you came across a very potential client or your business partner, then I have a question for you. Which one was easier- take some time to save the phone numbers and email Ids into your phone or just simply exchange the business cards?  We can all guess the answer that of course the later action was much easier than the first one.


What does a business card do? So can we have guesses? Okay so here majority of us know about the answers but maybe there are some who do not have a clear idea. So let me give you a clear vision about the business card. A physical business card helps you to make a connection with a person whenever you meet him for the first time and it also makes the brand more visible and memorable if and only if it is done in a correct manner.


We are here to help you out with a number of designs that will help you design your business cards. We have put together many eye catching business cards and then presented some of the examples to you so that you can be inspired by your own and this may help you to make a long lasting impression. Get more info about best business card designer.


There are many of them and covering all of them is not possible so we will only see a few of them that will also help you with a variety of ideas:


The modern business cards

These days the modern business cards are generally artsy and fashionable with a little touch of more decorative flair. They can also be sophisticated and also very much energetic for those in search of elegance and optimism. Then they can also be floral and colourful with a view of a distinct product.  They can also be radiant and stimulating which shall use some unique patterns to attract the viewers. They can also be very clean and simple or it can be bold and professional stating clearly the details of the company. The business cards can also be memorable and unique featuring the spot details that can attract the eyes – they can also be transparent and clear so that the light can diffuse through it very easily

These can be striking and also dynamic showing the creativity and boldness and they can also be noteworthy and effective.


They can also be stunning, amazing and beautiful they can also be square and holographic – these should also be hollow and distinctive, can also be very playful and contemporary. They can also be of materials that glow in the dark and can also have some colourful edge designs.


They can also have some creative flat designs to motivate the youth through the company’s philosophy.

The minimal Business Card Ideas

These types of cards can be understated and tasteful but it should be memorable for an interior design studio. The cards can be minimal and also geometric which is absolutely perfect for the graphic designers who are just beginners. The cards can also be bright and citrusy so that they can provide us with a youthful and vibrant image. These cards can be simple but yet daring which can be creative and thus they can grab attention- they can also be abstract and sublime to a certain limit so that they can convey the mission and purpose of the organization. They can also be amusing and also smart enough so that the viewers can discover something new. They can also be eco friendly so that they look natural and they can also be simple but yet intriguing so that they are easily able to grab the attention of the users. They can also be something that is very close to the basics that includes the information, logo and the stamp.


Creative Business Card Ideas

These cards can have in them a vibrating pattern and also a texture which can create illusions that add to the beauty of the card. They can be humorous and also witty so that instead of the typical information, there are some variations – the cards should have an effective layout and also should have a good typography so that the design turns out to be eye catching. The cards can also be creative and also noticeable and there can be a vertical orientation of unique shape. The cards should be functional and also should have originality, they can also be imaginative and the cards can also have a relief design. They can be very interactive and also full of fun and they can also be very cute and informal. These can be engaging as well as delightful, they can also be feat sensitive, they can be resourceful, they can also be very crafty and metaphorical which will contain the  various messages that are related to the uniqueness. These cards can also be a showcase of clever illusion.


Elegant ideas for business cards

The cards can be elegant and bold and these cards can also be royal and luxurious so that it can create a long lasting impression. The cards can be stylish and sophisticated so that it can be superfire hit and it can perfectly communicate vibrance in just a single design. These cards can also be very simple and beautiful, they can also be stylish and tasteful, can also be ingenious and slick and also be of a mint colour that is elegant.


I hope that this article has helped you a lot to get a brief idea about the various types of designs that are basically applicable for the business cards.


With the help of these designs you can easily  make some or the other design on your own and then you can use it for your own business.  All These designs will help you to create some good business cards and slo help you to stand as the number one in the crowd.


These card ideas will help you to design your business cards so that it can grab the attention of the user who is going through the cards.


Are you looking for some business card designers? If so, we can help you out with this and you all can click on the link that is given below so that you can get business card designers.



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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..





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