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Living Green Walls And Their Benefits

Green walls would be one of the popular interior trends and it is with a good reason. They tend to be beautiful, healthy and the benefits of preserved green wall planter tend to outweigh the cost and maintainenace.

If you have gone on to witness the recent buildings the indoor and the outdoor walls have raised in prominence. There exists more to the popularity of a wall rather than aesthetic looks. There are a series of benefits when it comes to having a wall in the inside or outside of your home. There are numerous benefits of a green wall and it is depicted as below

Purifies air

One of the major benefits of a living wall is that it purifies the air. Close to 25 % of emissions by human beings are absorbed by plants as the living walls contribute to the absorption. The plants on the wall is known to filter out the toxins present in the air and churns in carbon dioxide into oxygen. Not only they formulate a healthier environment for you but for your family as well.

Reduces the impact of an ambient temperature

Cooling and heating a workspace at the same time can turn out to be an expensive task. During the severe winters or hot it can absorb a major portion of your profit. Numerous things can be done at your end to reduce their prominence like a sealed window or you can replace your AC with a high efficiency unit. The plants are known to absorb and reflect some form of a sunlight. For all these reasons you end up spending less on incoming energy bills.

The presence of an outdoor wall decreases the ambient temperature. The presence of luxury preserved green wall décor would decrease the outdoor temperature that would make the visitors comfortable.

Decreases noise

Have you taken note of the fact on how a carpeted floor tends to be quieter than a normal floor. A reason of it is that sound reflects via a flat non- porous surface. Even things like rugs and curtains would make a noise room quieter. The plants are known to have the same effect. The sound vibrations are absorbed by the  plant leaves and is not reflected back  on to the rooms.

Enhances the life of your wall

The wall would be exposed to sunlight, rain and the extreme temperatures. In due course of time these elements destroy your wall. They are going to protect your wall from any type of structural damage. What it means is that the life of your wall may be extended by a few years.

Enhances the value of the building

So as to make a building valuable there are a lot of changes that can be planned. But such type of changes means you have to bear a lot of costs. For evening a small turn you may have to spend in thousands of dollars.

After installation of a living wall it would make your home valuable.



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