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Microsoft teams to promote employee engagement along with productivity

An important topic of discussion for HR professionals is employee engagement. The people are your business and their success would depend upon the right type of talent that you are able to attract. If there is a failure at the end of an organization to engage an employee loss of productivity emerges. The cost of salary would be a burden for an organization. There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to employee engagement and enhancing their productivity at the workplace. Though technology is vital there are other aspects which deserve mention. MS teams analytics and reporting has turned out to an instant hit among the organizations.

The pillars to drive employee engagement

Human beings are social creatures and they need to interact to be part of the show. When an employee works for a considerable amount of time remotely without no support mechanisms there is bound to be a lack of belonging. Yes it may sound great in providing employees a remote environment to work, but if not done properly it can lead to a decrease in the engagement levels. An approach to remote working has to bear into consideration that every human being is different.

The second challenge that arises, is one is bound to achieve superior productivity levels from staff if they adopt a flexible working approach. An excellent motivator can be open accountability. By sharing task lists with the entire team, track usage and due data can help the employees to formulate a degree of engagement. If the team members has visibility of what the others are doing it is bound to promote engagement. Hence the utility of MS teams employee engagement is at an all-time high.

There has to be a platform for accountability and communication to solve certain aspects of employee engagement. Most organizations regard Microsoft teams along with integrated solutions as a vital tool to cope up with such type of challenges. MS teams is a popular tool of communication when you compare it to other tools used in business.

Using video wherever possible

A policy has to be in place where all the meetings along with interactions should include teams capabilities. When an user interacts via video it formulates a social interaction that turns out to be really important for social engagement. It makes sure that each one is part of the team. The use of video brings about a degree of attention that is part of the meetings. It is not forgetting to mention that a major form of communication emerges from visual cues. The effectiveness of meetings are going to increase when you use videos.

To sum up things, the purpose of teams is to facilitate inclusion, openness, communication within the boundaries of an organization. Creation of a new team at the drop of a hat would lead to scattered conversations as the overall levels of effectiveness would go on to diminish. Using channels to facilitate the process of discussion is the key.



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