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Read 5 Ways To Hide Your Identity When You Win the Lottery

Winning the lottery is a fantasy that most people have. However, for people who have actually won the lottery, the fantasy turns into a nightmare. From robberies to demanding relatives, winning the lottery makes you an easy target for anyone wanting money.

This is why you should consider staying anonymous for at least a year after winning. This article will tell you 5 simple ways to remain anonymous after winning the lottery.

Don’t tell people

This might be hard to do as our first instinct is to tell people when something major happens to us. The more people you tell, the more the news spreads. Soon you will have distant relatives and old friends showing up and asking for financial help. If you’re playing on a renowned website, you can expect that the lottery operators will help you stay anonymous by not publishing your name, should you so desire.

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Remove yourself from social media

There is no way you can stay anonymous and have a social media presence. Delete your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat accounts. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally post something that reveals you are now rich. This will also keep you safe from hackers and the like.

Don’t make big purchases

If you want to hide the fact that you have a lot of money now, the first step is not to buy anything big. Try to resist the temptation of buying a new house or a luxury car.

You can buy some small unnoticeable things that you might have needed for a long time but can finally afford.  

But remember, every expensive thing you buy is showing people that you have money suddenly and this will make them suspicious.

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Say “no” to people

If some people have found out that you have won the lottery, a few might ask you to give them some money. You must say “no” to them. Once you start giving away money, people will know you are an easy target.

They will simply tell you a sob story and take money from you. Before you know it, your money will start dwindling.

Try to move somewhere else

The best way to remain anonymous is to move away from where you are living. Don’t disappear overnight, as it looks suspicious. Tell people you or your spouse have taken up a new job.

Build a story and then move to a new place where no one knows you. You could choose to work and save your lottery winnings. Or you could live like a millionaire and enjoy life.

Parting Thoughts

Staying anonymous after winning the lottery is a matter of safety. Several people have vicious minds, and you could even become a victim of a crime. Companies often make the identities of winners public to build credibility.

Lottery winners have suffered scary consequences. The best way is to lay low for a while until people no longer care.

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