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Releases Grants For Strengthening Infrastructure Of Vocational Labs towards society

Vijay  Inder  Singh Singla is known for his generous work towards society.  He has done many reforms in the education sector as an education minister. He with the Punjab School Education Department has released grants and gratitudes.  In fact for strengthening the infrastructure of vocational labs he had taken the required steps. to improve vocational education in the state he used these grants for the betterment of schools.

The PWD Minister   Punjab Vijay Inder Singla has emphasized on various main projects.     He recently attempted his main effort on converting vocational, National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) labs into smart labs. This is a major step taken by him for the general public.  Hence to improve the standard of vocational education in the state, the department made various reforms.

 Currently, he is responsible for opening  955 NSQF labs and 450 vocational labs. hence for the functioning in the schools across the state. The department has formulated a strategy requiring education facilities. To digitally strengthen these labs and convert them into smart labs he is increasing expenses and sanctioning as well.  For each non-IT trade lab about Rs 11,000 for each has been sanctioned. The IT trade lab has already been released in various schools. To make these labs more attractive, The ministers said that from the department has arranged about Rs 8,500 per lab.

The PWD minister Punjab releases this amount that will be used for further works. this amount is used for paintwork, purchasing doormats, window curtains, door curtains, etc. moreover he has been spent for below works.

  • maintenance of furniture
  • installation of white or green boards
  • exhaust fans
  • syllabus handlers
  • clocks
  • newspapers reading stands


 Various Social And Cultural Activities below mentioned

●       Organizing medical camps in various sectors

●       Initialize various drives against drug abuse and addiction

●       Performs a  special initiative for underprivileged children


  Various Special Interests of PWD Minister  Punjab

●       Theater, International Affairs

●       He is a member of the club mentioned below due to his special interest in sports activities.




●       Cricket, Horse riding, Member 

●       Sutlej Club, Ludhiana

●       Punjab Cricket Club, Mohali

●       Chandigarh Golf Club


Countries Visited

●       Australia

●       Brazil

●       European Countries

●       Pakistan

●       Singapore

●       U.S.A


Other related parties

●       Chairman, Punjab Energy Development Authority  year 2005-06

●       President, Punjab Youth Congress, 2006-2008


The minister of Punjab had emerged as a leading state for his fast actions towards development. In Fact, in the field of education, getting the top rank in the Performance Grading Index released by the Centre a few months ago.“The innovative initiatives taken by Punjab helps in changing the education sector and society as well. 

Moreover, he has taken various below-mentioned steps towards reforming.

  • He took upgrade scale by sprucing up infrastructure
  • He had done active change for government schools by bringing qualitative improvement in education
  • He has also taken a few steps for starting pre-primary education at an advanced level.

  Hence he makes teachers incapable of ensuring transparency in recruitment and transfers.    These are being emulated by other states,” and hence work freely towards growth.

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