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Replace Traditional Plastic Packaging Materials

Plastic has become a cancer for our planet. It means we have to find a substitution for its use. All the custom candle boxes that are being made with plastic should be made with other environmentally friendly materials. These materials are easily biodegradable and give Mother Nature a positive impact. The impact of the plastic packaging industry, packaging materials, and accessories is the biggest source of pollution for our planet.

Therefore, the cradle-to-cradle concept needs to be made more popular among the packaging industry to help consumers make smart packaging choices. This process often requires a lot of other biodegradable packaging materials. Until now, some new and innovative environmentally friendly materials for packaging have been introduced and emerged to replace traditional plastic packaging. We can use from recyclable plastics to biodegradable containers, the options for an eco-friendly packaging business seem endless.

Why boycott plastic?

It is no secret that we rely on plastic for almost everything. Food, cosmetics, toiletries, and other products we eat are packaged in plastic. In the US alone, packaging is the largest end-use market segment that uses plastic. Plastic consumption in the packaging industry is more than 40%. Therefore, plastic also accounts for 20-25% of the weight of landfills and takes 450 years to decompose naturally.

Our society is used to the convenience and cheapness of plastic, but there are alternatives to plastic packaging that are friendly to people and the planet. Currently, almost 60% of packaging boxes are made up of plastic. It takes over 500 years to fully decompose plastic. And, you cannot even burn it because it will pollute our breathing air. So, if you look at all of these disadvantages, boycotting plastic becomes a necessity.

Other materials that can be used for packaging

There are many materials include

  • Paper bags
  • Newspapers
  • Shredded paper
  • Cardboard boxes

These are all readily available and inexpensive for packaging solutions. They are also less harmful to nature than plastic.

What is environmentally friendly packaging?

All those materials that can be recycled are environmentally friendly and protect the planet. All kinds of packaging material bags, made of paper or linen, are friendly to nature.

Alternative packaging materials

There are many alternatives that you can use as packaging material instead of plastic. Here in the below-given list, you can make sure that these packaging materials are safer and more affordable.


In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in bamboo as a material. Unlike paper and cardboard, which are traditionally made from trees and take more than 10 years to grow, bamboo grows rapidly, reaching almost twice the height of a human within four years.

Sugar cane

Sugar cane is becoming a popular packaging material for brands like shaving product makers. Therefore, you can even make custom box packaging while using this material.


This material is helping save the world by providing eco-friendly packaging solutions based on seaweed. Known as edible water, this material is edible and elastic and is mainly used to preserve beverages and spices.


According to the study, corn can be harvested in 60-100 days. This ability makes it an abundant resource and easy to grow. Therefore, we can also consider it an ideal sustainable material.

Bubble packaging using cardboard

Kids’ favorite little bags are known for their use in protecting fragile items during transport. Small cutouts create an accordion-like effect similar to a pouch to prevent shocks. The only downside is that the subsequent foam production is not satisfactory.

Air mattresses made from recycled materials

Air mattresses are an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene and are small in size. Available in many sizes, they are ideal for filling box gaps and cushioning packaging. Since they are small inflatable bags, the air cushions are mainly made of 100% recyclable materials that are biodegradable when used as packaging.

Cornstarch packaging

It is one of the most durable and eco-friendly materials that can provide required sturdiness. Cornstarch is extracted from the corn plant. Cornstarch is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based packaging, but it is not without problems. Because it is made from corn kernels, it competes with human and animal food supplies and can raise the price of corn, one of our staples.

Mushroom packaging

Another eco-friendly packaging for small items, believe it or not, is made from mushrooms. The raw material can then be shaped into any shape and dried to use as packaging.


All of the above-mentioned materials are scientifically proven better packaging materials than plastic. They are biodegradable, and you can use them for a longer period. You can use all these materials to make your packaging boxes with the help of packaging companies in the USA that are sturdy and make your product luxurious. Using eco-friendly packaging will make your company image positive in the consumer’s mind. So, this strategy can also pay off as a marketing tool to benefit your sales.



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