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Interior design, one of the most expressive and creative professions. It is a combination of art, science, and technology that manipulates space, form, texture, color, and light to enhance the quality of human life.


Humans spend an increasing amount of time of their lives indoors and building the environment. We wake up in some form of interior space and go to school to learn, work or play in another space that gives a sense of purpose to our lives.


You need to keep in mind that the cost of designing costs will be 10% – 15% and it will be increased in the case of larger properties, which is about 30% – 35%. H If you want to know about some top interior designers in Mumbai, follow the link below.


When we think about interior designing, words like flair and creativity spring to our minds. The following seven elements should always be considered in the creation of any interior – Space, Line, Form, Light, Color, Texture, and Pattern.


Interior designers have to keep in mind these seven elements every time they’re working on a project. Whether it’s a big project or a small residential design, these seven elements are important. When it comes to small residential design, it’s always a bit complicated, but not impossible, to make an aesthetically pleasing design. So, here are some thoughts, how you can work with the elements while working on a small resident.


Choose small furniture. Heavy and large furniture will take up your space and take up most of the space. Also, keep your furniture away from the wall. If you place your furniture in the middle of the room and style it nicely, it makes your room look like it has more space.


Choose rugs bigger in size. Another easiest decor trick that works every time is implementing mirrors into your interior. The next trick is common and almost known by all that is to mount your TV.


One of the most effective things you can do is paint the ceiling or cover it with wallpaper. It will create the illusion that the ceiling is situated in a higher level than it seems, making your space feel bigger in size. Choose light colors for the paint or wallpaper. Make sure that it goes well with the design of the entire room.


Two darker colors tend to absorb lights which has two effects – It makes the room look cozier but it also makes the space feel smaller. If you want to make your small interior look more spacious, change the color of your floors and walls to a lighter shade. They will reflect more light and make your space airy.


Try to hang shelves near the ceiling. This not only gives you more space for storage for your books, but it will also make your ceiling appear taller and your apartment look a lot bigger.


The next tip may seem a bit counterintuitive but experts say it works wonders instead of putting many small decors around your apartment. Try choosing fewer but bigger ones. Smaller decors tend to make a room look crowded.


A striped rug can elongate a living space. Just make sure to decorate and place the stripes to the direction of the room that is longest to achieve visionary illusion effects.


Color coding your shelves creates a more structured look making your apartment look more organized and also making it look bigger group items of the same size and color on your shelves to make it look streamlined. This can work on books, shoes, and almost any other item that you put on your shelves.


Just as darker walls make a room feel smaller so what a colored curtain makes your bathroom feel cramped consider changing your colored shower curtain into a clear one. Clear shower curtains and light colored shower curtains reflect light, making the illusion of your bathroom being bigger in space.


Consider buying multi-purpose furniture, that’ll increase your space as well as your usage and purpose of the furniture. Purchase furniture with storage like beds with drawers or sofas that have storage underneath.





When you live in a little house or small living accommodations, fitting in everything you wish is troublesome. Making an attempt to suit everything and creating it look cute is an excellent larger challenge, however, that is what makes tiny area style therefore fun – springing up with clever solutions to those obstacles makes it all the additional gratifying within the finish.




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