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What are the 5 different types of campaigns within Google Ads?

The business industry has changed all its operations to different online platforms within the past few years. Currently, most businesses prioritize investing their marketing budget in pay-per-click operations since it has proved to generate significant profits.

For about two decades, Google campaigns has been in the market facilitating business operations across different online platforms. Google ads offer an advertising spot that works in collaboration with the campaigns to create an excellent online market for business operators.

The rise of Google ads has greatly save business operators who initially paid large sums of money to facilitate their marketing campaigns across the platforms. The rise of different campaign types has greatly revolutionized operations among businesses.

However, it is crucial for business operators to understand the kinds of campaigns operating with Google ads to help them operate smoothly. Today, about 95% Google revenue is generated from advertising operations for businesses.

In addition, 86% of potential consumers use different online platforms to find more information regarding different local businesses. Google ads offers different formats that suits different businesses operating across the industries.

The campaigns within Google ads campaigns helps business websites gain visibility they desire to attain their goals in business. Let’s shed light on the top campaigns operating within Google ads to help businesses prosper online!

  1. Google Shopping

This is a great campaign and also a tool that is primarily used by advertisers who owns an ecommerce website. However, a search campaign can also be used for website advertisement due to the special offers it comes with.

A shopping campaign can be used to advertise different products at an individual level. Using this campaigns does not necessarily need you to bid on all the product keywords available on the web.  All you need to do is submit a feed of all your products to the Google Marchant Centre.

After the submission, you need to come up with a specified budget and the possible CPC bid. Once you have completed this stage, all your products will be displayed on the Google shopping platform where prospects can easily assess them.

Also, the products will appear on the shopping page of Google while others will appear on the search page of Google. When the products are displayed on the Google shopping page, Google compares your products with other merchants.

This option gives prospects a chance to filter across products depending on the price and other attributes of the products.  However, you need to make your products more competitive compared to others by adding a promotional tag.

You can opt to run a discount code to all the products on your business website to be more outstanding than other merchants. The Google shopping campaign gives your products a competitive position that contributes to the general success of your business.

  1. Mobile Advertising

Google mobile searches have become popular compared to desktop searches. This has been proved by the Google analysis done in different countries across the globe. It is no secret that many people across the globe use mobile phones.

There are millions of searches made on the web using mobile phones. Google has developed new models of advertising that are explicitly meant to help mobile phone users who make Google searches daily.

The advertising formats tailored to respond to smartphone users are explicitly meant to give them a better experience and make the search process straightforward to avoid inconveniences. Below are the most popular mobile formats available on Google.

  • Call-Only Ads

This mobile format is similar to text ads that appear on the search network. However, this type of ad requires users to display the URL that incorporates the business name and a short description.

The headline of this mobile format is replaced by a phone number which encourages the mobile users to contact the business operators. This cuts long stories of visiting the website and perusing through lots of ads before getting what you are looking for.

  • Universal App Campaigns

According to analysis, by the end of 2017, the only method you could apply in mobile advertising apps was through this advertisement format. The newly developed format gives users room to download and install the app they encounter on search engines.

These apps are mainly found on YouTube, Google app store, and other social media platforms where business operators display their services. The ad campaign can be created to increase the number of installations or trigger more app actions.

Setting up these apps is made automatically compared to other types of advertisements that are available on the web. The only thing advertisers do is incorporate some text while Google performs the remaining work.

  1. Google Search

Research has revealed that there are sixty-three thousand searches are made on Google that is performed every second. Advertising your business through the Google platform increases your visibility chances and the general success of your business.

Due to an increased number of searches made on Google every day, you can easily secure potential prospects from different parts of the globe aided by Google’s reputation within the world market.

Business advertisers can easily set up their businesses using several ad groups within the Google search campaign with different categories. For instance, you can decide to create different ad groups that accommodate different businesses that you are running.

This can be easily done when yo0u choose competitive keywords across your area of expertise that will enable the services and products you are offering to rank high when searches are made. However, Google search needs you to master some techniques to be on the safe side.

To get the best out of Google search, you need to understand the hacks described below.

  • Bid Adjustments

The most significant advantage of Google advertising is that you can easily manage and adjust the costs needed for the operations. Bid adjustment is a fundamental tool that has the capability of helping you adjust your bids depending on different circumstances.

Once you realize your bids are performing better on mobile than desktop, you can use the tool to adjust the bids and make them more compelling to mobile phone users. The good thing about bid adjustment is its editing ability and account for what you have done.

  • Sitelink Extension

Even though all the kinds of adverts you make are linked directly to the site you are advertising, you can include more additional links under the body of the text to increase your visibility chances. This also increases the rate of user interaction within Google.

  • Callout Extensions

The intensity of your sales should also be included in the description of the adverts you make. However, any point on the description that needs to be highlighted should be done using a callout extension.

You can easily incorporate an average of four callout extensions on the advert. Note that every extension should have an average of twenty-five characters. This will help you to showcase the USP of the business.

  • Negative Keywords

When it comes to search advertising, you need to develop an outstanding means that will display your products once prospects begin making searches. This requires you to be mindful of the types of keywords that you choose.

Note that depending on the keywords you choose, your advert is likely to appear in irrelevant searches on the web. This is where negative keywords come in, helping advertisers make exceptional keywords choices for the visibility of their products.

  1. Video Advertising

According to records, Google acquired YouTube in 2006 at an estimated price of $1.6 billion. This marked the beginning of the commercialization of YouTube developing a considerable market for the website across the globe.

As the website continued to grow, more business adverts appeared day by day. The development of the website opened up excellent opportunities for advertisers and business owners. Remember that YouTube is used by millions of people from different parts of the world.

Due to a significant number of users who depend on YouTube for their business growth, Google developed different advertising formats to help advertisers enjoy the services offered by the platform. Some of these formats are discussed below.

  • True View Video Discovery Ads

Business advertisers don’t need to automatically play the video ads to every YouTube user; they can easily set up discovery ads that can work well for their businesses. Discovery ads work by getting site visitors interested in watching the clip.

This kind of advertising format appears on the YouTube search results based next on different YouTube videos and is also available on the search results for YouTube users. The advertisers only need to pay once prospects have clicked and watched the videos.

  • True View In-Stream Ads

This type of ad appears before, during, and after prospects play other YouTube videos. Besides, the video is shippable after viewing it for the first five seconds. These videos also appear on other Google partner sites to increase the rate of visibility.

The advertisers all need to pay for ads once the viewers have viewed the entire clip of about thirty seconds.  In addition, when YouTube users view the video for the maximum time possible, the advertiser needs to pay for it.

  • Bumper Ads

Just like the in-stream ads, bumper ads appear before, during, and after a YouTube video together with videos on the other partner sites. However, these ads take a maximum of six seconds, and viewers cannot skip them.

This format is exceptional when you intend to pass a short and punchy message to the public members. Advertisers pay for this type of adds following the criteria of the cost-per-thousand impressions bidding model.

  1. Display Advertising

This Google campaign type incorporates a comprehensive selection of business websites allowing advertisers to promote their products and services. It offers individuals a wide selection of advertising formats that makes the user experience compelling.

The types of advertising formats used by this campaign method include:

  • Image Ads

Image ads are an advertising format that focuses on developing eye-catching ads that attract the attention of prospects. It gives advertisers room to use compelling and catchy images on the given display network to entice people to click through and access the business website.

  • Text Ads

These ads follow an identical format similar to the text ads found on the Google search network. However, the ads are presented across all the partner websites to increase the rate of visibility and trigger business growth.

You can opt to publish the same ad on different Google platforms to develop a comprehensive search network that increases the chances of your ad appearing at the helm of the search engine.

  • Rich Media Ads

The rich media ads work similarly to image ads, only that they have a bunch of interactive elements and animations that make them interactive and attractive to the eyes of prospects.

The display advertising model also allows advertisers to place bids depending on their keywords selection. Besides, the display network operates in a different model compared to other Google campaigns.

 Advertisers need to use different targeting mechanisms to enable their products and services to secure top positions on Google. Below are some of the best types of targeting that advertisers need to implement.

  • Topic Targeting

This strategy helps advertisers choose the category of their desired website that is relevant to the kind of business they are advertising. The chosen website is also used to display the business advertising ads.

  • Contextual Targeting

After selecting the best keyword for your advertisement, contextual advertising enables you to get adverts on different websites in a similar category to your business. At this point, prospects can easily read through your adverts while reading through different products and services that you offer.

  • Remarketing

Apart from being applied to display networking, it can also be used on display advertising. This strategy enables you to market your services and products to individuals who have already visited your business website.

  • Placement Targeting

This option allows all business advertisers to choose specific sites on which they want their adverts and ads to appear.

Wrapping Up!

Even though there are different types of campaigns within Google ads, it is crucial for business advertisers to identify the best types that can work for them perfectly. In addition, they need to consider various aspects such as prices and the results of the campaigns before investing in them. This will greatly help business operators to enhance their business growth and development.



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