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What is the Role of Node.JS in Backend Web Development?

Nodejs, which is closely followed by Angular Js for backend web development. It is the most innovative JavaScript backend framework. Nodejs is open source and works with the runtime environment. It was developed with the support of the Google team who worked on Google chrome’s V8 search engine.

NodeJS was popularized by Google due to the media attention it received. According to reports, 60 to 70% of web developers used Node Js. Node Js is open-source and has a large community. It is also very simple to learn.

It is also recognized for multiple requests.

Many multinational corporations use Node JS to create mobile apps and Web technologies.

These are the most well-known companies that use Node JS:

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Paypal
  • Linkedin
  • Trello
  • eBay
  • Nasa

This is not all. According to a study, 500 companies use Node JS creation. Node also develops over 750k websites using Js. This alone is enough to make Node JS amazing!

Top NodeJS backend web development Trends in 2021

Real-time applications

Everybody is searching for a mobile or web application that is lightweight and efficient enough for better performance. Because they are light and fast, real-time apps are more suitable for this type. NodeJS is the best platform for developing real-time applications in the future.

Cloud Computing is a clear choice. Cloud-based computing is becoming more popular with both developers and users. NodeJS is serverless, but it can be used with cloud computing solutions to help create cloud-based apps.

Developers are always on the go and need lightweight web apps that can deliver fast performance. This requirement is met well by real-time applications. It’s one of the most used features to see if we can classify your site in the “Real-time” category. Because of its stability, Node Development with JS is the best option for creating such apps. It gives users (even non-experts), enough power without becoming too complex or overly complicated. This makes these apps perfect on any device you want to allow access to.

Serverless Web App Development

NodeJS Serverless Web App Development As you know, Node JS is a serverless, hardware-free environment. It includes features such as ease of maintenance, cost savings, and efficiency. Node JS technology can be used to improve the efficiency of serverless Web applications.

There are many benefits to using server-free web apps. It has been shown Nodes increase their performance. We’ll be discussing the unique features of these apps and how you can make your own.

Websites are designed to offer benefits such as cost savings and ease of maintenance. There isn’t always enough space on our servers to store everything. NodeJS is one alternative. It doesn’t require any hardware or processing and runs entirely on instructions. This technology allows us to make the most of what resources we have.

IoT App Development

IoT App Development. The demand for IoT apps is growing every day. Node JS offers micro-services and real-time capabilities. Node JS is a great technology for creating IoT-based software since IoT applications often require handling a large number of requests from users.

These applications are becoming more and more popular as IoT apps expand. It’s the perfect platform to create software applications that manage large numbers of users quickly.

Cloud computing is becoming more popular among developers and users. NodeJS is a top app that uses cloud computing. It allows you to create apps without having to install servers or pay additional monthly fees to host them.

Cloud Services and serverless technology combine to create flexible solutions that are easy enough. Even non-technical people can get involved.


Nodejs belongs to the JavaScript frameworks category and is one of the fastest-growing backend web development technologies. Node technology is considered to be the most efficient platform for creating applications. This is why Node JS was chosen to be part of the MEAN stack and MERN stacks. This article is my hope that you enjoy it. This article will help you to understand the top Node JS trends in 2021.

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