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Best quality of Hardox plates Manufacturer in Mumbai .

Hardox 400 is tough, abrasion-resistant steel having a hardness of 400HBW. Components and structures that are subject to wear are typical applications. It’s mostly employed at the buyer’s discretion for wear-exposed structures. The overall processing and application processes are critical for the successful use of items made from this steel.

Hardox 400 comes in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 130 mm. Hardox 400 is available in widths ranging from 3350 mm to 14630 mm and lengths ranging from 3350 mm to 14630 mm. The optimum widths for widths less than 1600 mm and thicknesses between 3 and 8 mm are 1500 or 1600 mm. Hardox plates 400, a wear-resistant steel type, are available from ANSON. This assessment has excellent weldability and formability, regardless of its quality or hardness. We believe that only the finest raw materials should be used in the manufacturing process. Hardox 400, general-purpose wear-resistant steel with a nominal hardness capacity of HWB 400, is utilized in buildings with moderate wear. We’ve managed to improve the quality of our Hardox 400 Plates over the years by working consistently to improve the production process. Our HBW 400 Sheets are also widely employed in a variety of industrial industries due to their benefits such as uniform evenness, high hardness, and high strength. Excavator buckets and dump truck bodies, for example, have a key advantage of higher resistance to wear and abrasion in companies that quarry gravel and sand.

Hardox plates manufacturer

We have a large choice of Hardox 400, Hardox Clad Steel Plate sizes in stock, including Rolling Hardox 400 Wear Plate Material, in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Johor Bahru (Malaysia). We can provide Hardox 400 Steel Plate at a competitive price because we are India’s largest supplier and trader of Steel Hardox 400 Plate. We keep a large supply of 400 Hb Wear Resistant Steel Plate on hand. Our local dealer will contact you and offer you with all of the information you need about High Wear Resistant Steel 400 Plate. With the help of our stock of High Wear Resistant Material 400 Hb Plate, we can also supply a free sample of High Quality High Wear Resistant 400 Hb Clad Plate.

The structural performance is unaffected by the sheet plate’s hardness. These plates’ hardness allows them to survive powerful hits. They do not distort when subjected to hard blows. They are also dependable, long-lasting, and safe structures. Furthermore, further quenching improves the hardness of these plates. Due to the low HB, they have good bending and welding capabilities. Weldability is unaffected by increasing their hardness. Their exceptional tensile strength allows them to be used in temperatures above 250 degrees Celsius. During this temperature, no changes in the material have been observed. Hardox 400 Fabrication and Heat Treatment HARDOX 400’s mechanical qualities were attained through quenching and, if necessary, further tempering. After exposure to service or preheating temperatures over 250oC, the quality of the delivery condition cannot be kept (480o F).

Further heat treatment of HARDOX 400 is not recommended.

See our pamphlets our Technical Customer Service for more information on welding and fabrication. When welding, cutting, grinding, or otherwise operating on the product, appropriate health and safety procedures must be used. Grinding, particularly of primer-coated plates, can result in high-particle-count dust.



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